Charity & Fundraising

Image: Fiona @thedizzylimits

Here you will find details on any Charity projects or Fundraisers.  Please directly contact the event organiser for more details &/or questions.

If you wish to share your Charity or Fundraising project with the Craft as Therapy community, please contact Nat here



Grandma Jean’s Warm Up

CaptureAllison is collecting finished granny squares, to be sewn together as blankets to donate to the homeless, in honour of the memory of her late grandmother.  Allison & her grandmother shared their love of crochet, & now Allison wishes to honour this special bond with this generous act of kindness.

So far, Allison has received over 3000 granny squares from all corners of the world!

Requirements:  Granny Square, consisting of 4 rounds total.  Any yarn, ply or colour/s is acceptable.  Also accepting donations of yarn &/or size H crochet hooks.

For enquiries, please contact:  Allison @allychatsofficial

Send your donations to:  PO Box 1824, KENOSHA WI 53141

Please send by: 20 October 2018